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Terms and Conditions

Version v01_05_2018

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you at (hereafter referred to as “Ikanje”, or by the pronouns “we”, “our” and “us”). The “Terms and Conditions” presented here are the provisions under which we give you access to use our online marketplace. These provisions apply whether you visit Ikanje on a computer or smartphone or tablet or any other electronic device.


By using Ikanje, you agree that you shall not post information or send any message that
1.1. is false and misleading
1.2. of a pornographic nature
1.3. promotes tribalism and nepotism
1.4. encourages violence or hate
1.5. violates the law
1.6. encourages criminal activity


Ikanje is NOT a supplier of goods and services. We are an online marketplace that connects local sellers of good and services to buyers of these goods and services. Therefore we are not in any position to be held liable for the quality of goods and services received. By the word quality, we are referring to, but not limited to, authenticity, accuracy, correctness and quality. The warranties of any good cannot be verified by us.


By using Ikanje, you agree that you are knowingly giving consent for us to collect personal information on you. The personal information we may collect include:
1.1. Your IP address, operating system and browser type, whether you visit as a guest or a registered user. This is statistical information that does not identify you.
1.2. Record of any correspondence with us e.g. via email
1.3. Any information that you provide when filling any forms on the website
1.4. Any information that you provide as answers to a survey for research purposes. You may decide not to take part in such a survey.
1.5. Communication data e.g. location data